New Team Members


It's summer time, so people are on holiday, and we're progressing on mbeddr only relatively slowly currently. Also, we are mainly working for the big-secret-customer-project that is based on mbeddr. However, there's changes to our team.

First, we have a new team member, Kolja Dummann. In his professional life, he has worked for various companies in technical and enterprise software development. In his spare time, he has worked on the internals of Android in the CyanogenMod project. He has also developed an integration of mbeddr with Arduino: this is how we got in contact with him. As part of the mbeddr team, he is now working on the mbeddr RCP version and on a convenient installer. Stay tuned.

The second change in our team is that Domenik is now working for mbeddr full-time, since his master thesis is now finished. He continues to work on the debugger, the legacy code importer and the build server.

So as you can see, we are making progress, even though that progress is more in infrastructural aspects, and not so much on language extensions. However, these infrastructural aspects are just as important, and it is high time that we focus on those.