Mailing List/Forum

The mbeddr-discuss Google Group is used for public discussion and support around mbeddr. You can access it via the web or via email at


Professional/Commercial Support by itemis

itemis' first-hand experience with mbeddr makes itemis the organization of choice for professional services and support. itemis offers coaching, consulting, and comprehensive service packages to ensure that you derive maximal benefit from mbeddr.

Support Packages

Mission-critical software built on open source components depends on skilled staff that understands the inner workings of these components and is capable of quickly and effectively fixing problems that might arise. No one is more qualified than developers of the open source components to provide such support. With a suitable support contract, you will get an immediate response to any product-related question directly from the very experts who built it. Your bugs will be fixed immediately. We can even help review the state of your project on a regular basis.

On-site Coaching & Consulting

You can have a committer of the product you are using or an equivalently involved expert at your site to help you quickly get up to speed. The itemis coaching services offer tailor-made support for every project: depending on your needs, itemis consultants can work as technical managers, software architects, senior developers, or test managers, transferring the required know-how to your employees as contributory coaches.


We offer trainings for larger groups tailored to your needs. Our inhouse workshops are custom-fit to your company and your class of application; we can adapt the practical examples to your specialized domain. As a further training opportunity, we offer individual coaching.


With MPS and mbeddr we are able to develop high-quality implementations of any programming language or domain-specific languages quickly and easily.

Do you want to boost your productivity? Contact us.