New Artifact the mbeddr.platform


As part of mbeddr, we are developing a lot of useful utilities around MPS that are not at all specific to mbeddr itself. They just generally make MPS more useful or convenient. While these things have always been modularized in terms of languages, they are available as a separate set of downloadable plugins since the last release. It is called the mbeddr.platform.

The platform includes things useful for the language developer (and hence, invisible to the end user), as well as things that the end user will directly interact with. Here are some examples for the first category:

  • Utilities for logging in BaseLanguage
  • Utilities for working with intermediate nodes in generators
  • A BaseLanguage extension for writing AST interpreters
  • A type system trace/profiler
  • A number of smaller useful extensions to BaseLanguage incl. a builder expression

The second category, things visible to end users, include:

  • Sascha Lisson's tables
  • Sascha Lisson's richtext facilities
  • The assessment framework for querying and auditing models
  • A namespace/module/import/visibility framework based on Chunks
  • Utilities for commenting code
  • An Outline view of models that pops up when pressing Ctrl-O
  • A file/path picker concept
  • Utilities for debugging expressions by showing their values inline
  • The PlantUML-based visualization plugin
  • A model/solution-wide full-text search utility

... and many more smaller utilities. While the documentation could be better (currently, there's none), you can always check out mbeddr and explore the use of these utilities by using Find Instances on the respective constructs and see how they are used. You can also drop us a line.

By the way: some of these extensions are scheduled to become part of MPS itself. As this happens, we'll remove them from the mbeddr.platform.