New InfoView in mbeddr and mbeddr.platform


Imagine you are working with the mbeddr requirements tracing facility. You add a trace to some program element. The trace points to one or more requirements. While you can see the name of the target requirement in the trace, the requirement's content is not visible, since it resides in the editor for the target requirement. To see it, you have to follow the link to the requirement (Ctrl-Click) and then later go back.

To address this situation (and similar situations like that) we have added the InfoView. A language concept can implement an interface that defines one method that returns a node. If the view is open, that node is shown in this view, as soon as the context element is selected. The requirements tracing example shows the target requirement as soon as the trace is selected.

This view is different to the inspector, since it can show nodes from anywhere in the model. Also, the content remains visible until another node that implements the interface is selected; it does not change for every selection change.

The facility is generic, and has been added to the mbeddr platform as well.