Janosch Jäger's thesis on schedulability analysis


Jan-Philipp "Janosch" Jägers has finished his Bachelor Thesis on schedulability analysis with mbeddr:

Multiple tools are necessary to prove the satisfaction of timing constraints a real-time system has. This thesis addresses the integration and implementation of all components required to perform static schedulability analysis in a single IDE. A domain specific language is defined to provide an abstraction for tasks. With this task language a programmer can define and configure the tasks of his system. The entered information is then used for static schedulability analysis. The usage of the mbeddr project as a basis allows a tight integration of the task language with the mbeddr C programming language and the IDE. An external tool is integrated to get the worst-case execution time of the defined tasks. To validate the results of the worst-case execution time analyzer, a dynamic execution time analysis capability is implemented for mbeddr. The features of the schedulability analyzer are demonstrated by an example compiled for the Atmel AVR 8-bit hardware platform.

The thesis is available as a PDF, and the code is available on github. From the mbeddr side, the thesis has been supervised by Kolja Dummann.

The mbeddr team congratulates Janosch to his successful thesis. Good luck for your future career :-)