Bastian Gorholt's thesis on Parallel Programming with mbeddr


Bastian Gorholt of TU Darmstadt recently finished his Master's Thesis on Parallel Programming for Embedded Software with mbeddr:

Multiprocessing is becoming steadily more important for raising the performance of computers. Par- allel programming is the key to leveraging such increased processing power. However, parallelization impedes the reasoning about side-effects of application code, which may cause data-races and, thus, non- deterministic behavior. Synchronization via locks is one measure to overcome this menace, by serializing conflicting parallel memory accesses. However, it can also impair an application’s run-time significantly. This thesis shows how mbeddr’s first-class language extension support and IDE integration can be used to partially overcome these issues for embedded software. The new language abstraction, ParallelMbeddr, offers convenient-to-use concepts for explicit parallelization. It provides a thread-safe communication approach by using the typesystem to prevent low-level data-races. Furthermore, it uses mbeddr’s com- piler integration to prototypically optimize the generated code in terms of synchronization overhead. The evaluation indicates that these goals are accomplished, although much potential for improvements and enhancements remains.

The thesis is available as a PDF, and the code is available on github. The thesis has been supervised by Sebastian Erdweg and Markus Voelter.

The mbeddr team congratulates Bastian to his successful thesis. Good luck for your future career :-)