Tree Notation


It has been a little bit more quiet on this channel. This is mainly because we are working on all kinds of customer projects, very interesting DSLs in a wide variety of domains. However, we cannot publicly disclose a lot of things about these projects -- hence the silence.

However, we have recently added a new notation to the mbeddr.platform. It can be used to render tree structures. We have since used it for decision trees and feature models, as the following two screenshots show:

The notation supports arbitrary tree structures, with decorators at the bottom end of connectors and decorators between connectors at their roots (both used in feature models). It also supports collapsing of partial trees, as well as horizontal and vertical orientations. The respective editor cell can be found in the com.mbeddr.mpsutil.treenotation language. A demo is in com.mbeddr.mpsutil.sandboxlang.