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Limitations to Product Line Engineering When Generating Variant-Aware Code

The current PLE approach only generates a single variant. The generated artifacts aren't variant aware. We want to enable that generated code to contain #if statements to generate all variants simultaneously. When we want to do this, we have to limit variability to elements where we can represent this in the generated C code. The main problem is that presence conditions can't be applied to all nodes in the model.

What Doesn’t Work?

Besides elements with a cardinality of 1, you can't remove some other items from the AST with presence conditions:

  • parameters of a function
  • arguments from function calls
  • extra declarations of for loops
  • variable initializers
  • expressions in array/user-defined type initializers
  • arguments of function macros (global function declarations)

Code Smells

  • replacement of function call expression where the parent is an expression statement
    • replace complete statement to generate readable code