mbeddr 1.0-RC1 release


We are happy to announce the first release candidate of the upcoming mbeddr 1.0 release. This is also the the first mbeddr release for MPS 3.2.

In addition to many bugfixes and improvements this release contains several new features:

  • JUNG Graph framework
  • Graphical state machines
  • Graphical component wiring
  • Signed bit types
  • Improved string handling
  • Explicit implementation of function prototypes from external module (@implements annotation)
  • General generator speedup
  • C90 compatible code generator support (limited but sufficient for most compilers)
  • Lots of new features in the mbeddr platform (Unique Names, rich strings and many more)

MPS 3.2.1 is available from JetBrains

In order to make installing mbeddr on windows easier we are currently working on one click installer for windows. The installer will be ready with the next release candidate.

You can grab the current release candidate from our Github release page here.