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Documentation Aspect

The language com.mbeddr.doc in mbeddr ⧉ contributes to this aspect. An old documentation of the documentation languages can be found here ⧉. It allows defining a documentation node that you export to XHTML, Latex, and MarkDown. You can implement new targets quickly. When you invoke the intention Add Reference to Documented Concept while defining a new section as part of a chapter, the Documentation tool at the bottom of the screen shows the documentation for this concept.

mbeddr documentation tool

This tool is just one possible way of viewing the documentation that you write with com.mbeddr.doc. You can, for example, also export it as an HTML document that you can publish online or offline, or write a new exporter to support the format that you need.

There are also different types of documentation that might require different (non-MPS) tools. On the one hand, onboarding and domain-specific guides might work better outside MPS, for example as a webpage or generated Word document. Domain-specific guides can also contain best practices, naming conventions, design patterns, and other topics. On the other hand, users can view documentation that describes the MPS languages and the RCP itself in the documentation tool.

You can also add tips to your RCP (called tip of the day) or add a help URL in the inspector of concepts to better integrate documentation into the tool. Depending on your project, you might also want to provide onboarding training in the form of videos, live trainings or workshops depending on the number of users.

To learn more about writing documentation, read 10 Best Practices for Writing Documentation |

How do you export the documentation?

Click Make Model or Rebuild Model in the model's menu containing the documentation. A new folder doc_gen will get generated.

Should you write documentation? Is this aspect necessary?

Yes, code is only sometimes self-documenting. You have the following possibilities for writing documentation:

How can you show the documentation of a concept in the documentation tool?

Take a look at the doc.aspect project in mbeddr ⧉. A node attribute can be attached to pieces of a document to bind the document to some concept or node. There is also an example project which demonstrates the usage.

answered by: @szabta89

Is there a way to resolve references to embedded images (screenshots) across different documents?

Add the document containing the reference to the depends on section of the current document.