Visual Guide

This visual guide should help you get familiar with how elements of the UI are called and how to find information about them. It is useful for developers but also users. Hover over a green rectangle to show a short description. Reload the page if they don't appear. When you click the shape, you are redirected to the corresponding documentation when it's available.

imagemap: what is

Presentation Assistant (IntelliJ plugin) Code completion (CC) Run/debug configuration (test case) Run button Debug button Update project (Git) Commit changes (Git) Push changes (Git) Show history (Git) Rollback changes (Git) Search everywhere (IntelliJ functionality) IDE and project settings Context actions tool No errors in the editor Selected line Method signature (baselanguage) Method return type (baselanguage) Method name (baselanguage) Editor tab with name from INamedConcept Logical view (project view) Project Project path Editor (jetbrains.mps.nodeEditor.EditorComponent with JBScrollPane) Java class (concept: ClassConcept) Solution (a module type) Language (a module type) Structure aspect Editor aspect Constraints aspect Behavior aspect Type system aspect Intentions aspect Dataflow aspect Migrations aspect Generator aspect Runtime solutions Virtual package the model needs to be generated Model Event log Inspector Memory indicator How many models of all models are loaded Current branch Save temporary models (transient) Projector plugin (discontinued) Status bar Add your own status bar widget Favourites (tool) Structure (tool) Left gutter Right gutter / validation side bar / marker bar Available intentions Foldable collection cell Curly brace (constant cell) Java identifier SNode type public flag (keyword) right parenthesis left parenthesis punctuation TODO (tool) Git (tool) Terminal (tool) Console (tool) Find usages (tool) Messages (tool) Java interface (concept: Interface) Toggle tool visibilities Commit (tool) Pull request (tool) Navigation bar Makes all modified modules in the project This is called a stripe Concept icon Collapsible tree UI component Collapse All Hide Separator Stop process (run configuration) Project name Typesystem tests Java package name Type system warning in project view Root node of current editor Constant cell (EditorCell_Constant) Child list cell (as an EditorCell_Collection) Separator of collection Left bracket Right bracket Show options menu 15 pixel shift from left 10 pixel shift from top Empty line (editable) Indent (2 characters) Run with coverage Missing space between variable and operator: punctuation Default horizontal gap