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Example Actions Using Locks

These actions use the IntelliJ platform or access MPS models and need additional locks because they are running on a different thread. Especially MPS read and write locks should be available in every language aspect, and manually locking isn't necessary.

Example of Actions That Require MPS Locks

Write Actions

  • reload/add/remove/modify
    • projects
    • modules
    • models

Read Actions

  • resolve node references
  • read nodes/models/modules

Read Actions in EDT

  • select a node in the tree view
  • clear the marks in the highlight manager
  • move nodes refactoring
  • resolve node references and open them in the editor
  • run the model checker
  • rebuild editor components
  • paste nodes
  • select nodes in the editor
  • recreate opened MPS editors
  • show the completion menu
  • re-highlight nodes

Examples of Actions That Require Idea Locks

Useful methods:

  • Read action: Applicationmanager.getApplication.runReadAction()
  • Read action allowed: ApplicationManager.getApplication().assertReadAccessAllowed()
  • Write action: Applicationmanager.getApplication.runWriteAction()
  • Write action allowed: ApplicationManager.getApplication().assertWriteAccessAllowed()

Write Actions

  • VFS-related actions
    • refresh files
    • create/remove directories
    • create/modify/delete/copy files
  • paste data
  • create facets

Read Actions

  • find files
  • get a list of file editors

Actions Executed in EDT

They are executed in the lambda of ApplicationManager.getApplication().invokeLater/invokeAndWait).

  • update tools
  • show progress bars for long-running actions
  • update text in Java Swing components
  • dispose of UI components
  • rebuild components
  • start a make process
  • save projects/modules
  • update toolbars
  • show dialogs
  • update the project pane
  • perform refactorings
  • unload models

Actions That Are Executed on a Pooled Thread

They are executed in the lambda of ApplicationManager.getApplication().executeOnPooledThread

  • set breakpoints on startup
  • preview the generated text for nodes