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AI: Artificial Intelligence

API: Application Programming Interface

AST: Abstract Syntax Tree

ACK: Acknowledgment

BaseLanguage: a projectional clone of Java 6 (with optional extensions for Java 7 and 8)

CI: Continuous Integration

CD: Continuous Delivery

COW: Copy On Write

CBMC: Bounded Model Checker for C and C++ programs

DoD: Definition of Done

DoR: Definition of Ready

DOM: Document Object Model

DSL: Domain-Specific Language

EDT: Event Dispatch Thread

EP: Extension Point

ES: External System

FBI: File-Based Index

FO: Functional Owner

FJ: ForkJoin

GP: Generation Plan

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

HW: Hardware

IP: Internet Protocol

IDE: Integrated Development Environment

IETS3: Integrated Specification Environment for the Specification of Technical Software Systems

IoT: Internet of Things

JAR: Java Archive

JBR: JetBrains Runtime

JCEF: Java Chromium Embedded Framework

JDK: Java Development Kit

JPS: JetBrains Project System

JSON: Javascript Object Notation

JRE: Java Runtime Environment

JVM: Java Virtual Machine

LOP: Language-oriented Programming

LSP: Language Server Protocol

LVCS: Local History

LaF: Look and Feel

MBSE: Model-Based System Engineering

M2M: Model to Model

M2T: Model to Text

MDD: Model-Driven Development

MDSD: Model-Driven Software Development

MPS: Meta Programming System

MR: Merge Request

NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement

NPE: NullPointerException

OS: Open Source / Operating System

PI: Product Increment

PM: Product Manager

PO: Product Owner

PR: Pull Request or Public Relations

PSI: Program Structure Interface

RPC: Remote Procedure Call

RCP: Rich Client Platform

RC: Run Configuration

REST: Representational State Transfer

SM: Scrum Master

SSH: Secure Shell

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

SSO: Single Sign-On

SNode: Semantic Node

SRepository: Semantic Repository

SSH: Secure Shell

SSR: Structural Search and Replace

SW: Software

TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

TMC: Template Mapping Configuration

UAST: Unified Abstract Syntax Tree

UDP: User Datagram Protocol

UI: User Interface

UML: Unified Markup Language

UUID: Universally Unique Identifier

UX: User Experience

VCS: Version Control System

VFS: Virtual File System

VF: Virtual File

VI: Virtual Interface

VM: Virtual Machine

VU: virtual environment (virtuelles Umfeld)

WIP: Work in progress