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Issue Trackers

Reporting Bugs

Before reporting bugs, you should read: How to Report Bugs Effectively ⧉. This page should then help you find existing issues for MPS and the MPS platforms and help you decide which issue tracker an issue belongs to. Most of the time, the package name tells you the correct project. Nearly all editor-related languages (diagrams, tables, tree notations, etc.) are located in MPS Extensions ⧉. The following list gives a rough overview:

MPS (YouTrack)

This is the public issue tracker of JetBrains MPS itself. Consult the documentation for instructions on how to report an issue. YouTrack follows the CommonMark specification with extensions that support key features like auto links and tables: YouTrack Markdown Reference ⧉


If you are unsure which languages are part of this platform, please consult the full extension list ⧉ page.


This is the issue tracker related to mbeddr.core ⧉. You can find there issues related to the mbeddr platform ⧉, which is used, for example, by IETS3.OS. Please note that nearly all editor-related languages were moved to MPS Extensions ⧉, so please submit those tickets in the corresponding issue tracker.


This issue tracker is most of the time needed for tickets related to KernelF ⧉.

IntelliJ Platform

This issue tracker contains issues for IntelliJ IDEA/the IntelliJ platform SDK ⧉ which MPS is based on. The version of the IntelliJ platform can be found on the MPS download page ⧉ or through MPS → About MPS. The build number consists of three parts. Example: MPS 2021.3.1 Build: 213.7172.958. 213 stands for 2021.3, and the IntelliJ platform version is 213.7172, which can be checked by visiting the IntelliJ IDEA download page ⧉. If an MPS issue is related to the platform, it is forwarded by the MPS team to the platform team.

JetBrains Runtime

JetBrains Runtime is a fork of OpenJDK available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It includes several enhancements in font rendering, HiDPI support, windowing/focus subsystems, performance improvements, and general bug fixes.

It's highly unlikely that you have to submit an issue to this tracker yourself.

This issue tracker is relevant for JCEF, UI-related glitches, and complete Java crashes, as MPS uses the JetBrains Runtime instead of the normal JRE. The JetBrains runtime is installed in the jbr folder of the MPS installation. JetBrainsRuntime readme ⧉ contains the corresponding JBR version for an IntelliJ platform release.


It's improbable that you have to submit an issue to this tracker yourself.

This issue tracker is only listed for reference purposes. If an OpenJDK issue affects JetBrains products, it will likely be fixed in the JetBrains Runtime.