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Gitignore File

More than one correct .gitignore file exists for MPS. It's recommended to ignore generated files, but there can also be cases where you can't execute your generated files, so you have to add them to version control and check the difference manually.

Generated Files (MPS)

  • source_gen: the generated Java files
  • source_gen.caches:
    • dependencies: cache files that list dependencies between used classes and interfaces
    • generated: a list of generated files
  • classes_gen: the generated Java class files
  • test_gen: the generated JUnit Java test files
  • doc_gen: generated files of the mbeddr documentation language (optional)
  • result_gen:
  • *.iws: old MPS project setting files
  • .mps/shelf: local user commits


  • JUnit ⧉
    • junitvmwatcher*.properties
    • TEST*.xml: test results
    • junit*.properties

MPS-Gradle-Plugin¶ ⧉

  • build/mps: the downloaded MPS version
  • artifacts: the downloaded dependencies

Temporary Files/Folders

  • tmp: temporary files by the Java compiler
  • build/generated
  • .mps-caches
  • /system/: the system directory ⧉

Build Tools

IntelliJ Files

IntelliJ Plugins


  • .DS_Store: short for Desktop Service Store; it stores custom attributes of its containing folder, such as folder view options, icon positions, and other visual information (reference ⧉).
  • macOS.gitignore ⧉ (optional)