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Standard Plugins in MPS

The following list contains the plugins that are installed in MPS 2021.1 and later by default. The changes were collected on the command line by executing: diff -rq path1 path2


IntelliJ Plugins

The sources for most of the plugins are in the plugins folder ⧉ of the IntelliJ community repository.

Changes in 2021.2.x

Changes in 2021.3.x

  • mps-ant-make: make execution code (jetbrains.mps.tool.make)
  • mps-kotlin: MPS Kotlin implementation (jetbrains.mps.kotlin)
  • mps-navbar: navigation bar ⧉ that supports the MPS model hierarchy (jetbrains.mps.navbar)

Changes in 2022.2

No changes.

Changes in 2022.3

  • vcs-git: Git support for IntelliJ products + git4idea ⧉ runtime classes
  • vcs-github: GitHub support for IntelliJ products
  • vcs-svn: SVN support for IntelliJ products + SQLite library
  • Removed plugins: git4idea, github, settings-repository, svn4idea